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How can we make a difference?

That’s not an easy question to answer. But if we want to avoid what could easily be the biggest food security crisis we’ve ever seen, we must all try do become part of the solution.
Here are some suggestions by our protagonists and experts:

David Lobell

Agro-Ecologist Stanford University

»Well, I think the first rule is to educate yourself. If you really want to make a difference, I think you first want to understand the problem, and what are the real solutions and what are not the real solutions. Because there’s a lot of things out there that are put forward as solutions, and I think it requires a pretty educated citizenry to identify what really could work. And beyond that I think helping others to understand the issues, and also to maybe, devote some time, devote some resources towards these solutions, I think is really something that anybody can do.« Read more »

INT: »Devoting time to do what – I mean, what could I do?«

David Lobell: »I can understand how it’s difficult for somebody to imagine that they’re going to contribute to development of crops, or they’re going to contribute to the preservation of genetic resources. They certainly can donate to these institutions. But probably more importantly is to try to demand of their politicians, of their representatives, that they take these issues seriously, and to try to make it clear that it’s not acceptable to just keep pushing this down the line to the next person. That somebody somewhere should make the decision, and actually a lot of people, a lot of places need to make the decision that it’s a worthwhile investment. And if people that are electing them are telling them that it’s a worthwhile investment, then they’ll do that. But right now I think that people are not necessarily aware or engaged enough to really see that as an issue.«